Eurobeat Radio Mix 2.09.18 with special guest Cachet 

Cachet is one of Chicago’s eminent music selectors. A DJ sprouted from deep-rooted soul, grit, and disciplined transitions, she is becoming a reputable torch holder. She holds headlining positions and supports major names like DJ Heather (Blackcherry, Apt, Apollo), JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN), and Justin Long (Hugo Ball, OBEY) across the underground. In 2011 she was absorbed by The Infusion Project, curating some of the very first art and music infused residencies across the nation. Her latest project, Green Screen Sessions, continues the audiovisual experience on an intimate platform, broadcasting across the world with support from The Infusion Project, Beat Lab, House Junkies, Red House TV, and Westcoast Radio.

“Music is fluid. The more connected we are to ourselves, the deeper we can take the experience. In the right spaces we can let go and truly feel what freedom is like. Nothing else matters.”

For more of my sounds visit YouTube, Mixcloud, and The Infusion Project